Source: Pexels

Cancel all your weekend plans. The Quarantine Cat Film Festival is here.

Pet-owners submitted more than 1,200 videos of their cats during the pandemic and Row House Cinema watched them all in order to pick the very best for a feature-length film. Your own cat might be sick of spending every day with you but the festival compiles clips of cuddly felines being brave, dorky, and just plain cute.

Tickets cost $12 with half of the cost going towards supporting indie theaters. You can pick a theater from this list or just pick the country you’re watching from and your donation will be distributed. Check out the goofball-filled trailer below.

Basically, cat videos solve all problems. When you purchase a ticket you’ll be emailed a link to the film, which you can watch as many times as you want within three days (yes, really). The film will be available on mobile devices as well as computers. Cast or mirror onto your TV for the comfiest viewing — add a pet on your lap for extra comfort.

This is the purr-fect way to help theaters facing permanent closures due to the pandemic but also just a wonderful excuse to do nothing but watch cat videos all weekend — I’m not kitten.