Q*Bert’s mini machine runs the original game and an additional, harder version. | Source: New Wave Toys


Sorry, we’ll translate that for you: Q*bert is back.

New Wave Toys has been bringing the sounds and excitement of retro games into players’ homes for the past few years, joining the popular trend of at-home arcade gaming with its RepliCade line of playable, 1:6 scale machines. Following the launch of games including Centipede and Dragon’s Lair, Q*Bert (and his adventures outrunning his enemies on pyramid cubes) is the next classic to get its own faithful recreation.

Players will feel as if they’ve traveled back decades when playing the Q*Bert RepliCade machine, which has key features including a miniaturized joystick control panel, an illuminated marquee, and amplified audio. The machine plays the original game and it even has a little surprise in store: Players can access an unreleased sequel that’s designed to be more challenging than the original. True fans and collectors have the option to order a special Warren Davis Edition of the mini-machine for $149.99. This piece recreates the game designer’s personal prototype cabinet and has additions including extra cabinet detailing, a Gottlieb raised letter coin door, and an exclusive mini-decal set.

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Don’t want to be confined to just the small machine? No problem. Transform from mini to mega by connecting the RepliCade cabinet to an HD TV and enjoy the challenge of Q*Bert on a big screen. No matter how fans choose to play, this form of Q*Bert brings the old sights, sounds, and thrills of an arcade right to players’ homes.

Interested arcade lovers can pre-order the collectible from now until July 29 at newwavetoys.com for $129.99 and expect it to be shipped later this year.