Source: Hero Collector and Hero Within

After the release of the Revolution of the Daleks trailer yesterday, Doctor Who fans know how they are spending their New Year’s Day. And with Doctor Who Day (Nov. 23) also occurring last week, Doctor Who fans have a lot to celebrate. Luckily, Hero Collector and Hero Within have the perfect new merch for all aspiring time-travelers.

Hero Within has a few new apparel items that are perfect to wear while binge-watching your favorite episodes on HBO Max. The company recently acquired the license to produce Doctor Who merch, and they did not disappoint!

The collection includes a Thirteenth Doctor Hoodie that matches the groundbreaking female doctor’s iconic striped outfit and a Tardis Woven Shirt, both pictured above. For a smaller ode to the fandom, Hero Within also has a Doctor Who Logo Pin — Add the enamel pin to any shirt or backpack to proudly display your love for the doctor wherever you go! 

Source: Hero Collector

Speaking of pins, Hero Collector is releasing a Doctor Who Pin Badge Box Set, which comes with seven metal pins directly inspired by the holiday special, which centers around The Doctor attempting to escape a high-security prison with the help of some unlikely friends. The pins feature The Doctor in her prison uniform, one of the revolution Daleks, and more characters in an adorable chibi style!

Fans can join an email list for the Pin Badge Box Set here and explore the Hero Within apparel collection here. Then, be sure to tune in to Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks on Jan. 1 on BBC America!