This Optimus Prime bot is ready for action! | Source: Robosen Robotics

Autobots, assemble!

In a new team-up between Robosen Robotics and Hasbro, Optimus Prime is going from fictional robot to actual robot. Fans of the iconic Transformers robot will be able to have a fully functioning Optimus Prime in their collection.

With the upcoming release of the Transformers: Rise of the Beasts film, based on the Beast Wars franchise, it’s a good time to be a Transformers fan. And those fans can now get their hands on what might be the most authentic Optimus Prime toy to date.

The Elite Edition Auto-Converting Optimus Prime robot is an improved version of Robosen’s Flagship Optimus Prime Robot, which launched last year. This new robot is more compact but still features all the abilities of the original design.

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The Elite Edition Optimus stands at an impressive 16 inches and is controlled by the companion mobile app. There are a number of different actions to choose from in the app, with more on the way for download. The app also allows you to program your own sequences, for maximum customization. The robot has moves activated by voice commands as well, so you can start showing it off quickly. With just a simple “Hey, Optimus” and another command like “Roll Out” or “Convert,” your new AI toy will be up and moving.

This robot can also talk back. With 80 lines voiced by Peter Cullen, best known for voicing Optimus in the 1980s Transformers animated series as well as in the more modern live-action movies, the Optimus bot has a voice that nostalgic fans will love.

Like any good Transformer, the robot is, of course, also able to transform. In this case, the Optimus Prime robot can automatically turn into the character’s signature Freightliner semi-truck mode. This change can be triggered with the app, a voice command, or a button, so there are lots of options to get the signature Transformers experience.

The Elite Edition Auto-Converting Optimus Prime is available for purchase at Robosen’s website for $699 and is a fantastic collectible for any Transformers superfans.