All three “Women of Star Trek” earring styles | Source: RockLove Jewelry

Girl power, but make it fashion!

RockLove Jewelry is back with another collection that pays tribute to the powerful women from an iconic franchise. Following a wave of jewelry from last spring that was inspired by awesome female characters from Star Wars, the fandom jewelry company has a collection of new earrings that pay tribute to the inspiring women of Star Trek.

Designed by RockLove founder Allison Cimino, these new earrings are replicas of pieces worn by characters throughout various Star Trek series.

First up is the Kira Nerys Bajoran Cuff Earring ($60), which Kira Nerys — played by Nana Visitor — wore in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The Bajoran earring is a symbol of faith in family, culture, and freedom. It features a single hole piercing, with a stud that connects to a chan and a cuff that attaches higher up the ear.

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Next, there is a pair of Uhura Spiral Earrings ($135) that honor iconic communications officer Lieutenant Nyota Uhura. Modeled after the pair that actress Nichelle Nichols wore in Star Trek: The Original Series, the earrings are plates in yellow gold and feature symmetrical coils that hang from lever-back ear wires.

Finally, there is a pair of Guinan Turquoise Earrings ($135) to round out the collection. They pay homage to the earrings that Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg) wore during her final appearance in Star Trek: The Next Generation. The earrings feature domed studs with a hammered disks hanging from them, along with chime-like strands that have nuggests of genuine turquoise.

All three styles are available to shop now, exclusively at