Source: RockLove/the Pop Insider

Loki has been an MCU fan-favorite for more than a decade, and RockLove Jewelry is paying tribute to the antihero with an eight-piece jewelry collection, which is set to launch on Thursday at noon ET.

Inspired by Loki’s iconic Dark World ensemble, the collection features necklaces, a bracelet, and rings.

The pieces are split into two design motifs: chevron and chestplate.

Source: RockLove/the Pop Insider

The chestplate style is available as stud earrings ($60), dangle earrings ($115), a ring ($99), and a necklace ($125). The pieces in this style are primarily made with yellow gold.

Source: RockLove/the Pop Insider

The chevron style, which is sterling silver with yellow gold accents, is available as a ring ($115), bracelet ($195), necklace ($150), and jacket earrings ($135).

All of these items will be available on Thursday at, and they are available to preview now!

This is the first RockLove collection inspired by Loki, but fans can already shop for a variety of available Marvel RockLove items here.