Following a brief campaign by online trolls to disrupt reactions and reviews of Captain Marvel, Rotten Tomatoes has removed the “Want to See” rating on its site, which was how these trolls seemingly bombed the not-yet-released film.

The site’s new feature, an anticipation score, allowed users to monitor the number of fans with an interest in seeing a particular film ahead of its release.

In an attempt to low-rank the new MCU film, internet trolls had reportedly given it a score of 29 percent. These trolls claimed they saw an advance screening of the film and then gave it negative and dishonest reviews, even comparing it to DC’s Shazam!, citing that viewers should see that superhero flick instead.

However, there’s plenty of room for both Marvel and DC heroes in this world, as Shazam! star Zachary Levi points out in his defense of the Marvel flick.

“I just found this out last night, and for anyone out there who thinks you’re doing me a favor, you’re doing Shazam! a favor, or you’re doing Warner Bros. — you’re not,” he says on social media. “This is not helping anyone or anything. Sure, we’re both movies and we’re both gonna be out in theaters at similar times and the irony of that timing is really interesting for sure but there is no conspiracy, guys.”

As trolls have often tried to defame upcoming releases with smear reviews to lower their scores and ratings, Rotten Tomatoes has now taken down the spiteful comments and false reviews and ratings. The film’s page on Rotten Tomatoes is now blank with no audience scores or reviews available to see ahead of the film’s release.

Photo: Rotten Tomatoes

The world is a big place; there’s room for multiple heroes at the table, especially if they are kick-butt, fierce women saving the planet.

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