Movie and game nights combine for new party game. | Source: Cryptozoic Entertainment

Film buffs are about to have a new reason to debate their hottest movie takes, as Cryptozoic Entertainment is partnering with Rotten Tomatoes to launch Rotten Tomatoes: The Card Game.

Rotten Tomatoes is a website that compiles movie reviews into one percentage score — also known as the movie’s “freshness” on the “Tomatometer” — which represents the number of positive reviews it received. It’s become a central feature of movie discussions surrounding quality, audience perception, and even marketing, truly cementing its place in the entertainment world.

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With Rotten Tomatoes: The Card Game, moviegoers can show off how closely they follow film Twitter discourse. The game features 350 movie cards, so you’re sure to have a favorite somewhere in there. Each movie card has the film’s title, year of release, Tomatometer and audience scores, two main cast members, and a brief synopsis.

Each player is dealt three of these movie cards and arranges them in order of their Tomatometer score. Then, each turn, a new movie card is drawn and the active player has to guess where its Tomatometer score falls within the movies they have in their collection. If they’re right, they get the card.

This party game also has some Wild Cards to keep things active and interesting. They’re the perfect time for film buffs to shine, asking players to guess the movie’s release year, audience or Tomatometer scores, cast members, and more. The winner will get the movie card (and permission to gloat), and the first player to have 10 movie cards in their collection wins the game.

Rotten Tomatoes: The Card Game is planned to launch early next year, and is available to preorder now from the Cryptozoic shop for $24.99. The game is designed for up to 20 players, so all your movie-loving friends can come to game night!