The “Warm or Cold” shirt | Source: RSVLTS

This is the way! Today, RSVLTS is releasing a six-piece apparel collection inspired by The Mandalorian.

One of the standout pieces in this new drop is a western, roper-style shirt called “Warm or Cold.” It features pearl snap buttons and an embroidered shoulder design of the titular character.

There is also a new bomber jacket for Star Wars fans in this release. The “Mando Bomber” is reversible, with simple accents — including a Mythosaur skull — on one side and a bolder collage of stills from the show on the other.

The collection will also include four of the company’s signature, button-down Kunuflex shirts. These tops each feature a different pattern inspired by the popular Star Wars series. The most humorous is called “Grogu’s Day Out,” which features illustrations of Grogu and Mando in humorous situations. The “A Real Mandalorian Hero” pattern features different Mandalorians from the series, including Mando himself and Bo-Katan.

The next shirt pattern leans into Grogu’s love of food. It’s called “Mandolicious” and is covered in a collage of snack names. Finally, the most subtle pattern in the collection is called “Starships.” It is decorated with tiny icons of various ships seen in The Mandalorian, which look like they are flying through the galaxy.

All six of these Mando-inspired items will be available to shop starting today, Dec. 13, at 4 p.m. ET, exclusively at and on the RSVLTS app. Get your credits ready, bounty hunters!