Photo: The CW

Put out the Bat-Signal, because the CW is officially searching for a new hero.

Yesterday, the news broke that actress Ruby Rose will not return for the second season of Batwoman, despite playing the titular hero. According to an official statement shared by The Hollywood Reporter, Rose called leaving a “very difficult decision” and praised the show’s cast and crew.

The news came as a complete shock, leaving most fans basically feeling like this:


With Batwoman’s first season cut short, following production shutdown due to COVID-19, this Sunday’s episode will be Rose’s final appearance in the role. However, according to a statement from Warner Bros. TV and Berlanti Productions, the show will continue with a new lead actress for its second season.

Of course, those who love the show took to social media to discuss this surprise CW shakeup, sharing heartfelt messages of thanks to Rose for her time in the role and discussing who should take up the Batwoman mantle next. Brooklyn 99‘s Stephanie Beatriz has already tweeted her interest in the part, while Amber Heard‘s name is being mentioned as a contender, too.

Who do you hope to see take over as Batwoman? Tell us in the comments!