Welp, another series bites the dust. It’s time to say goodbye to Hulu’s Runaways. The show’s final season will premiere on Dec. 13, according to Variety.

The Marvel live-action series is the latest — of many — Jeph Loeb creation to come to an end. Loeb produced Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Cloak and Dagger, and all six Netflix-Marvel series — all of which have ended or will shortly. Currently, the four animated shows he co-produces on Hulu are still safe. 

The series, based on a Marvel comic, is centered around six teenagers who band together to fight crime — and their own parents, who happen to be super villains in disguise. The creative team reportedly felt that the third season offered a natural stopping point, though some are wondering if its abrupt end has anything to do with the recent change-ups at Marvel.

Kevin Feige was named chief creative officer in Oct, giving him reign over all storytelling. Variety reported shortly after the announcement that Loeb could leave Marvel before the end of the year. Feige is reportedly focusing on Disney+, with series based on Loki and Hawkeye set to be six to eight episodes each and carry a budget of $100-150 million.

Runaways may have met its fate, but hope for Marvel still remains. Check out the trailer for the third and final season below.

Photo: Hulu