In a now viral post, Ryan Reynolds got fans buzzing when he shared an image pitting Detective Pikachu against his other fictional character, Deadpool in a brilliant marketing scheme.

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This is gonna get messy.

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You’re right, Ryan. This is going to get messy. On the left side of the image, fans can take in all of the Japanese pocket monster’s attributes. On the left they can breakdown Canadian Deadpool’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s the perfect post to generate some buzz about the first live-action Pokémon flick.

While Deadpool has the edge in terms of size (he’s nearly five feet taller and 200 pounds heavier), Pikachu does have shock defibrillators for cheeks. I’d also be willing to bet the pint-sized Pika has speed that kills.

Wade Wilson might have cancer, but he’s also got two katanas that we know he can use.

Unsurprisingly, Reynolds’ post has fans taking sides. Whose corner are you in?

h/t Comic Book