LEGO Ideas has been the launch pad for some very cool fan-inspired, pop culture building sets in the past. In just a few short years, the platform has sparked the release of sets based on Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, Doctor Who, Adventure Time, The Flintstones, and more — and now Mickey Mouse is in the mix. LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie celebrates 90 years of Mickey Mouse by paying tribute to the animated short film that started it all, 1928’s Steamboat Willie.

Originally submitted as a LEGO Ideas fan project by Máté Szabó in June 2016, the set was adapted into the official LEGO version by designer John Ho, with decorated elements and mini-figures created by graphic designer Crystal Marie Fontan.

The LEGO brick version of the S.S. Willie features paddle wheels that rotate while the boat is pushed along and steam pipes that move up and down. A mini-figure can take the wheel in the boat’s bridge, while additional nautical details include a life buoy and bell. A working crane can lift figures or cargo onto the boat.

LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie

LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie. Pensive man in chair not included (sold separately).

The included black-and-white Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse mini-figures are new for 2019, each with special silver accents. The set also features a buildable mouse ears placard that can be used as a mini-figure base and additional accessories, including Minnie’s guitar and sheet music.

Steamboat Willie sails into LEGO stores on April 1.

Photos: Disney