The Kawaii Arcade skateboards represent adorable arcade versions of Sanrio characters and Girl Skateboards reps. | Source: Sanrio

Sanrio is dipping its feet into the digital world in a new collaboration with Girl Skateboards. 

The Girl Skateboards x Sanrio Kawaii Arcade collection includes six new skateboard decks, apparel, and accessories. Each skateboard deck features pixelated versions of Hello Kitty and her friends, including Keroppi, Badtz-Maru, My Melody, Kuromi, and Pompompurin. The decks also each feature the name of one of Girl Skateboards’ former amateurs — skaters who ride on the company’s boards. You can even buy the Hello Kitty-themed skateboard set up and ready to go!

Even if you aren’t big on shredding a skateboard, the apparel in this collection is totally sweet. The short-sleeved T-shirts come in black and mint green and feature pixelated icons of Hello Kitty and her friends, alongside the Girl Skateboards logo on the front. You can match these T-shirts with a black snapback, which features the same design.

There are also two designs available on long-sleeved shirts and hoodies. Both designs feature the Girl Skateboards logo on the front, but they differ on the back. One design features an arcade-style game where Hello Kitty and her friends have to collect pixel hearts, while the other shows pixelated Sanrio characters being sucked up into a UFO. Finally, there is a long-sleeve-shirt and beanie combo that features a power-up bar with the player name “Girl” and Hello-Kitty-themed power-ups. 

Whether you’re hitting the skate park or you need a hit of nostalgia, this drop has something for you!