Source: Scalextric

Which iconic ’80s ride would win in a race, the DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future or K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider? Thanks to Scalextric, that’s no longer a hypothetical question. The Hornby Hobbies subsidiary just released its product lineup for the year, and there are some pop culture gems in there, most notably a Back to the Future vs Knight Rider Race Set.

This set comes with everything fans need to race Scalextric, including two cars, a power source, more than 5.5 yards of track (including crossover and sideswipe portions), and two speed-limiting hand controllers. Once you build the track, you place the 1:32-scale versions of these iconic vehicles on the slots and set to racing. To add to the fandom fun, the Time Machine has working front and rear lights — including a light-up flux capacitor — while K.I.T.T. has the pulsing red strobe light on its front.

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The track’s Magatraction system helps these slot cars stay on the track, providing extra traction and downforce to reduce the amount of skidding and crashing during each race. That doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t strategically attempt to knock your opponent off the track in the crossover or at the sideswipe! Fans can preorder this slot car set now from for $219.99.

Source: Scalextric

This is just one of a few licensed items in Scalextric’s U.S. range for this year. There is another all-in-one racing set called “Batman vs. Joker: The Race for Gotham City,” which features character cars and enough track for 12 different layouts. This is a Micro Scalextric set, however (1:64-scale), so it costs $89.99.

The final new Scalextric item to take inspiration from pop culture is the Reliant Regal Supervan, the three-wheeled vehicle that often appears in Mr. Bean episodes. The car is 1:32-scale and is available to preorder for $69.99.

All three of these film and TV-inspired slot car products are expected to ship this summer. The full 2022 U.S. Scalextric lineup