Veronica Mars fans got the shock of their fandom lives when, during this morning’s panel at Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC), Kristen Bell announced that season four of the series was coming out today, not in a week as originally planned. Like, it’s out right now. You can go to Hulu and hit play right this freaking second.

If you can manage to gather your wits after that utterly fabulous news, check out some of our favorite reveals from the panel below!

To start, let me just say that the Veronica Mars panel was not in any way what we would call tame, and it was beautiful. Take this question, for example.

The cast also sat down with Entertainment Weekly at SDCC to discuss the Hulu revival.

If you couldn’t already tell that Veronica is allll the way grown up, Bell comes right out and says it.

“It’s an adult show, it’s not teenage noir,” Bell says.

Fellow cast members Ryan Hansen and Francis Capra (Dick Casablancas and Weevil Navarro, respectively) added that the new season will be chock full of “buns and guns.” Well, something to look forward to, then.

Enrico Colantoni, who plays Veronica’s dad, says “Usually you see a reboot, different actors come in and they restart the whole thing, but the blessing of this show is we’ve seen these characters grow up, and we’re already committed to their lives and where they’re going, so stick with us and you’ll just keep falling in love with us all over again.”

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