Examples of 6-inch Scale Hasbro Action Figures in Plastic-Free Boxes | Source: Hasbro/the Pop Insider

With many of the major players in the toy industry eyeing a plastic-free future when it comes to packing, many consumers on the collector side of the fence have had, let’s just say, some concerns.

In the collectible world, the packaging is often a large part of the experience and that’s led to a ton of feedback, particularly for Hasbro, as the company has begun rolling out plastic-free packaging for its 6-inch scale action figure brands and some of its 3.75-inch Star Wars The Vintage Collection figures (looking at you, Boba).

Now, amid the action taking place at Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC), the company as issued an update that should put to rest some concerns (or downright anger, depending on the fan circles you may run in) regarding the ubiquitous plastic bubbles attached to cardbacks. The ones that look like this:

Source: Hasbro/the Pop Insider

The company shared a letter with the Pop Insider that can be read, in part, below:

At Hasbro, we have set a goal to eliminate virtually all plastic from new, single-use product packaging by the end of 2022. The company is currently on track to meet its industry-leading goal, reducing the use of virgin plastic by an estimated 19.5 million pounds annually.

What does this mean for products from fan-favorite Hasbro brands? You may have already noticed the transition to new plastic-free packaging within some kid-focused figures, and most 6-inch figures will transition to plastic-free packaging by early 2023.

As part of the shift away from window boxes, you’ll see highly detailed artwork and exciting new imagery on each package featuring iconic characters and their figures inside. This includes new packaging art that will showcase the articulation and poseability of each figure.

Our goal does not include packaging for fan collectible products like 3.75” action figures, where packaging is part of the product experience and typically retained intact for fan display and collections. Those lines include Star Wars The Vintage Collection and Retro, as well as other collectible brands such as Marvel Retro and G.I. Joe Retro. In support of Hasbro’s lower carbon strategy and upcoming science-based targets, our fan collectible blister packaging will continue to be made with either plant-based or recycled PET content.

Hasbro, with the support of its collaborators, is committed to doing what’s right for the future of the planet and looks forward to having its fans along for the journey.

The Hasbro Team

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So there you have it: long live the traditional-looking plastic bubbles that fans have loved since the days of the original Kenner Star Wars collection … just in their current, more sustainable plant-based or recycled PET form!