On April 1, Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC) tweeted that they are hopeful to host the con as scheduled from July 23-26.

But fans are not optimistic, and many replied to the tweet imploring organizers to cancel or postpone the convention.

Many fans are hoping for ticket rollovers into 2021, since badges are tough to secure, even if you’ve attended in year’s past.

But with many Americans out of work and in need of fast cash, some are just looking for ticket refunds.

Content creators also weighed in. Some had blunt reactions to SDCC’s tweet, while others cited the extreme public health problems the con would create.

And with so many major films postponed until 2021, it’s not even clear what panels and activations would even be able to take place at SDCC.

SDCC’s tweet promised to make updates to fans via social media, so keep your eyes on Twitter for more information on whether or not the con will go on.