Secretlab’s Fortnite chair features a bold illustration of the Battle Bus | Source: Secretlab

To all Fortnite players worldwide: buckle your seatbelts, and prepare to bring the style of the Battle Bus home to your gaming setup!

Gaming accessories manufacturer Secretlab has partnered with Fortnite — in a deal organized by IMC — for an official Secretlab Fortnite Collection!

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The highlight of this collection is the Secretlab Fortnite Battle Bus Edition gaming chair. A stylized illustration of the Battle Bus is displayed across the back of the dark purple chair — a reference to The Storm in the game — with small but bright features to make the graphics stand out. The gaming chair is made out of Secretlab’s NEO Hybrid Leatherette and also features the  Fortnite logo and the phrase “Victory Royale” on the front. To sweeten the deal, the chair includes a digital code for Fortnite, which players can redeem in-game for a bonus “Chipset” Wrap. This newest edition of Secretlab’s popular gaming chair includes all the familiar but impressive benefits of the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 and is available in sizes small, regular, and XL for prices starting at $624.

The collection includes three character-inspired lumbar pillows. | Source: Secretlab

If you already have a gaming chair, you can still add a Fortnite flair to your gaming setup. The collection also includes three different Secretlab Memory Foam Fortnite Edition lumbar pillows, inspired by Fortnite characters Cuddle Team Leader, Peely, and Llama. The gaming chair and lumbar pillows are sold separately.

With this newest drop, Fortnite players can continue to strive for Victory Royale in style and comfort! The chair and pillows are available to shop now, exclusively from the Secretlab website.