Sideshow’s life-size C-3PO | Source: Sideshow

Goodness! C-3PO and R2-D2 have come alive! 

Star Wars fans can take home one of the most iconic movie pairings — C-3PO and his best friend, R2-D2 — with Sideshow’s newest luxury collectibles.

The ever worrisome protocol droid C-3PO ($8,500) is programmed with etiquette and protocol. This incredibly detailed droid is realistic to its movie counterpart and decked out in a shiny — albeit meticulously weathered — gold exterior. C-3PO stands at 6 feet and 2 inches tall, and is situated on a Millennium Falcon-inspired display base that replicates the ship’s flooring and circuitry details. 

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The C-3PO Life-Size Figure comes programmed with a randomized voice track feature and can recite numerous iconic lines from the franchise using the included remote control. His eyes also light up when activated via a button at the back of his head. 

Sideshow’s life-size R2D2 | Source: Sideshow

The R2-D2 Life-Size Figure ($7,600) is the perfect companion piece to C-3PO. Perched atop his own Millennium Falcon-inspired display base, R2-D2 features an adjustable dome and holographic projectors that fans can move to give him the right expression in their display. His dome also includes screen-accurate, light-up features and sounds that you can activate with a remote control that you can store in a hidden compartment on R2-D2’s body. 

Both R2D2 and C-3PO are available for preorder on now! Better act fast, though: These products are limited edition.