Charity Dice Set | Source: Sirius Dice/The Pop Insider

Focus on cancer awareness the next time you roll for a proficiency bonus!

Sirius Dice is launching a series of limited-edition Charity Dice — distributed by Alliance Game Distributors — to build awareness for small charities and their important work. A portion of proceeds from the sale of each dice set in this series will go to a non-profit organization, starting with SURVIVEiT, a cancer patient advocacy organization.

The Cancer Awareness Dice Set comes with seven dice and an extra D20, packaged in a clear tube with a fuschia cap. Most dice sets are a specific color scheme, but this set is intentionally multi-colored in order to communicate awareness for the different types of cancers. Every tube will contain a randomized assortment of clear, resin dice that each feature one of 24 different floating cancer ribbons. The “20” on the D20 will also be replaced with a ribbon symbol. With every sale, 20% of the proceeds go to SURVIVEiT.


This inaugural Charity Dice set is inspired by Sirius Dice Co-Founder Tina Trenkler’s personal experience battling stage 3 colorectal cancer. Wanting to help others who are dealing with an overwhelming diagnosis, Trenkler decided to get involved with SURVIVEiT, an interactive cancer navigation tool. The organization has a team made up of cancer survivors who support new patients, helping them navigate through their experiences.

This dice set is available now at local game stores and from for $20, and Sirius Dice will announce additional Charity Dice sets later this year. You can learn more about SURVIVEiT at, and you can get the dice set for free with a direct donation of $50 or more.