Photo: Days of Wonder

World of Warcraft is going from laptop to tabletop in a new board game from Days of Wonder and Blizzard Entertainment. The new game, Small World of Warcraft, combines the gameplay mechanics of previous Small World strategy games with the fantasy world of WoW.

Fans at last year’s Blizzcon got a very early peek at this game, but now there are official images and a trailer that are equally exciting for video gamers and board gamers.

Photo: Days of Wonder

In the game, players choose combinations of special powers and races from the WoW universe, vying for control of Azeroth by occupying terrains and seeking to control powerful artifacts.

Designed for 2-5 players and with a playtime of 40-80 minutes, the game will available this summer in the U.S. for $59.99

Check out the launch trailer below to get a better look at the included characters and visit for more information about the game and its developer.