“Mickey Mouse in Flower Garden” by Sun Lee Throw Pillow and “Mickey Mouse Reading” by Haley Tippmann Coffee Mug | Source: Society6/the Pop Insider

If you’ve got ears, say cheers, because you’ll want to hear all about the new Society6 x Disney collection!

The collaboration features Disney’s iconic Mickey Mouse, stylistically reimagined by Society6 artists. The designs are available on a variety of products, including art prints, throw pillows and blankets, T-shirts, mugs, tapestries, acrylic boxes, and more. Fans of this mousey hero can enjoy artistic renditions of him throughout the years, from his retro sailor look to his Fantasia era.

“Breakfast with Mickey Mouse” by Sandra Poliakov Art Print and “Building Blocks — Mickey Mouse” by Happyminders Art Print | Source: Society6

This collection features regular, framed, and mini Mickey Mouse prints. Each print is unique to the artist’s creative interpretation of ol’ Mortimer (yup, that was Walt Disney’s original name for him). For instance, the “Breakfast with Mickey Mouse” print by Sandra Poliakov shows off Mickey at a bright, sunny breakfast table, with colorful, vibrant, and bold linework. “Building Blocks — Mickey Mouse” by Happyminders deconstructs Mickey to abstract and complimenting shapes and colors, with his ears and gloves most noticeable in the frame.

The art prints are available in various sizes, from extra-small (7 by 10 inches) to extra-large (28 by 40 inches). The prices increase as the sizes do. The framed mini art prints and the mini art prints both come in one size (4 by 4 inches). The former features different colored frames, while the latter can come with or without a stand.

“Mickey Mouse Galaxy” by Jenny Chang-Rodriguez Throw Pillow and “Mickey Mouse” by Morgan Sevart Throw Blanket | Source: Society6

For fans who want to cuddle up this cute mouse and dream of black, white, and whistling Mickeys, the throw pillows and blankets will do the trick. Some of the designs are available on both products, but fans may also want to mix-and-match Mickey prints for extra Disney magic. One style consistent in both the throw pillow and blanket selections is “The Apprentice — Mickey Mouse” by Matt Kehler. It features Fantasia Mickey on a simple red-and-orange background, offering contrast against a vibrant, violet-colored Mickey. A possible mix-and-match selection could be a throw pillow featuring the “Mickey Mouse Galaxy” by Jenny Chang-Rodriguez paired with a “Mickey Mouse” by Morgan Sevart throw blanket, because both of these designs feature hues of purple, orange, and white. Chang-Rodriguez’s art shows off Mickey in a cute, doodle style surrounded by squiggles and stars, while Sevart’s design is emblazoned with the word “Mickey Mouse” in bold, blocky, pop-like lettering.

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The throw pillows and blankets come in various sizes, too, with prices increasing incrementally: Pillows range from 16-by-16-inch styles to 24-by-24-inch styles, while blankets start at 51 by 60 inches and go up to 88 by 104 inches.

Many of the new Mickey Mouse art prints are available on other Society6 product selections, though some prints may be unavailable on certain ones. For instance, “Mickey Mouse Tangled in a Dream” by Norman Duenas is available as an art print, mug, throw blanket, and acrylic box, but is not printed on the collection’s shower curtains or T-shirts.

To check out what the entire Society6 x Disney collection has to offer, huh-hop on over to society6.com.