Photo: Mondo

Believe it or not, Mickey Mouse’s brief stint as a sorcerer’s apprentice in Fantasia first debuted 80 years ago this November. To commemorate the anniversary, Mondo released four new variants on its ceramic Sorcerer Mickey Tiki Mug.

The new variant treatments are elemental (dark blue), fortune (light green), aether (iridescent black), and alamo (dark brown). The original version of the mug, which has Mickey’s coloring from the animated film, is available to view on the Mondo site, but it’s currently sold out.

Each variant mug measures 11.5 inches tall and costs $75. They hold about 22 ounces of liquid, but (to be honest) I’m not exactly sure how you would drink out of its unusually shaped opening, but it makes for a great collectible piece, regardless.

GIF: Mondo

The sculpt — designed by Tom “Thor” Thordarson — includes Mickey’s iconic sorcerer’s hat and (on its back) the bucket-carrying mop that he brings to life to do chores for him. Fun fact: The mugs are also made by hand, so each one will be a tiny bit different.

You can use your magical abilities credit card to order one of these mugs now at