Peter Parker’s Spidey Senses are tingling … and that’s because the web-slinging hero just conquered the box office with Sony’s release of Spider-Man: Far from Home this past holiday weekend.

Not only did the Spider-Man follow-up deliver for fans and critics, but the flick saw the largest six-day opening for a Tuesday release. The film currently boasts an $185 million profit as Far from Home leads the box office.

The film debuted last Tuesday and earned more than $91 million in opening day and advance sales. As the weekend ushered in, the Sony movie topped that figure with an impressive $93.6 million gross. This marks the best six-day performance ever for a film opening on a Tuesday. In fact, the sequel is already on track to earn more than its spidey precursor, Spider-Man: Homecoming, by more than $30 million.

The sequel is also a hit globally, as the flick has delivered an impressive $244 million launch across 66 overseas markets.

H/T Box Office Mojo

Photo: Jay Maidment/ Sony Pictures