Source: Funko/the Pop Insider

The next game is about to begin…are you ready?

Squid GameNetflix’s newest mega-popular Korean TV series — is (no surprise) getting the Funko Pop! treatment! All your favorite — and perhaps some of your least-favorite — contestants will be there, even though they may not have made it out in the show.

There are eight characters to choose from: Abdul Ali, Seong Gi-Hun, Oh Il-nam, Kang Sae-byeok, Cho Sang-Woo, and three versions of the Squid Game Red Soldier with Mask. Each of the contestants is dressed in their matching tracksuit from the games, and most of them feature an element from one of the games. Abdul Ali, for example, has the bag of “marbles” around his neck, while Seong Gi-Hun is holding his dalgona cookie. The Red Soldier Pop! figure, meanwhile, is available with either a circle, a triangle, or a square on its mask. The circle version is more widely available, while the square version is a Walmart exclusive and the triangle style is a exclusive.

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The Squid Game Funko Pop! collection is available to preorder now from a variety of major retailers, with an expected ship date of next spring. Better head over quick — although this is no timed Squid Game, we anticipate these Funko Pops! will sell out quickly. Game on!