Location-inspired Geeki Tikis | Source: Beeline Creative

Star Wars is known for its iconic characters, but also for some equally iconic space-based locations.

Best known for making fandom-inspired Geeki Tiki mugs, Beeline Creative revealed designs last week on Instagram of a new Star Wars line. Unlike previous collections, these cups aren’t shaped like characters (like the Queen Amidala or BB-8 ceramic tiki mugs) or spaceships from the series. Instead, the five cups in this line are a sleek, cylindrical design that measure 8 inches tall and can hold 24 ounces of the galaxy’s finest drink. 

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Each features a different iconic planet from the Star Wars universe — Hoth, Dagobah, Endor, Tatooine, or Bespin. The designs are made with raised relief and trail across the entire cup, so fans see the entire landscape. They all detail scenes from the movies based on the respective planets’ lore. For example, the Hoth cup is decorated in blue and shows the epic battle on the icy planet. The Dagobah mug, coated in green, highlights Luke’s journey with Yoda as he learns the way of the Force. The orange Endor forest mug has the entire Ewok village encasing the cup, while the Tattoine and Bespin Geeki tikis showcase different ships in flight.

If fans are drawn to a particular design, they should act fast: There are only 1,500 pieces of each design. All five are available for preorder from Entertainment Earth for $34.99 each and will ship next month.