The machine’s backglass features all the different Bonds in one place! | Source: Stern Pinball

Agent 007 is getting a very special new gadget… a limited-edition pinball machine! 

Stern Pinball has no shortage of pop culture pinball machines, including some that feature Marvel, The Walking Dead, and Star Wars. Now the company is celebrating its favorite agent with the James Bond 007 60th Anniversary Limited Edition pinball machine. 

Stern is also no stranger to James Bond, with pinball machines based on different Bond movies already in its collection. Dr. No, Thunderball, and You Only Live Twice all have their own associated machines. What makes this newest one unique is that it covers the entire Bond cinematic history, all 25 films.

The new machine has its very own trailer, showing off design and play experience. | Source: Stern Pinball

Just like any good Bond movie, you’ll find yourself dealing with villains and using special gadgets when you play this machine. Four optical spinners will challenge your ability to escape SPECTRE agents, and you can get assignments to earn more points by following prompts on the LCD screen. 

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The machine comes with a pinball topper, a designer-autographed bottom arch, and an exclusive backglass featuring different iterations of the Bond character. Stern also offers unique connectivity to players with its Insider Connected system, letting them track progress and other metrics. To get your hands on the new machine, contact official Stern Pinball resellers.