Source: Netflix

More than a year after the first teaser for Stranger Things 4 revealed that Chief Hopper is still alive — and following many delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic — Netflix finally released a second clip to promote the highly anticipated fourth season of its retro, supernatural show.

The Stranger Things YouTube account teased the teaser yesterday with a clip titled “HNL Control Room,” which showed static-filled screens and the description “Due to technical difficulties, Hawkins National Laboratory will be closed until further notice. We will be back in service tomorrow at 9:00AM ET.”

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Today’s new teaser, which dropped at 9 a.m. as promised, is about a minute long. It features a group of young children in hospital gowns with shaved heads (just like Eleven when she first escaped the lab in season one). They play with toys as very creepy music and a loud, ticking clock play in the background. Then, we see a man in a suit enter the room through a swinging door and hear him say “Good morning children,” which is met with a chorus of “Good morning, Papa.” He goes on to tell the children that he has something very special to show them.

Then, the camera pans to another door in the lab that is labeled “11,” as the background noise changes to more intense music and Eleven breathing loudly. The screen cuts to black and the teaser ends with a close-up shot of Eleven’s eyes and someone saying “Eleven, are you listening?”

Although the clip is short, there is a LOT to unpack. For example, upon a closer watch, you may notice that the two disks that kids send down the Plinko-style game (around the 23-second mark) land on four and seven… which equals 11.

What the video does not reveal, however, is a release date for the new season. Eagle-eyed fans did notice that the video description reads “002/004,” while last year’s Hopper-themed teaser had “001/004” in the description. Does this mean we have two more teasers to get through before we can finally mark our calendars for Stranger Things 4?