Discover Vecna’s curse with this Stranger Things x Mighty Jaxx collab. | Source: Mighty Jaxx/the Pop Insider

It’s time for your suffering to end … the plight of not owning a Vecna figure is over. 

Mighty Jaxx is dropping its next collectible figure, but this time it’s all about the spidery, vengeance-seeking villain from Stranger Things 4. After crossing over from the Upside Down, Vecna is ready to show off his destructive powers. 

The limited-edition Stranger Things x Mighty Jaxx: Vecna figure features the iconic grandfather clock from the fourth season, as well as the hive mind of intertwined vines. Doused in a muted red color reminiscent of the Upside Down, Vecna is pictured extending his evil arm — with a secret detail hidden on his wrist (*cough cough* perhaps a tattoo?). 

The Vecna figure features the grandfather clock and the vine’s hive mind. | Source: Mighty Jaxx

The figure itself comes with an 8-inch vinyl art toy, which includes the 5-inch detachable Vecna figure and phygital features powered by Forreal. 

Vecna is the first figure in the Mighty Jaxx x Stranger Things Series 4 collection, with other characters set to join the line later this year. The collection promises to offer something for both casual collectors and hard-core collectors, since all of the figures in the collection will connect to tell a story.

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Although he isn’t currently available for purchase, fans can set their calculator watches for July 9 at 9 am ET, when the Stranger Things x Mighty Jaxx: Vecna figure will be available for preorder for $159 at But be careful! Don’t get too close, or risk the wrath of Vecna’s curse.