It’s official: Sony is pulling back its PlayStation Vue streaming service, stating the streaming wars as the main reason.

“Unfortunately, the highly competitive pay TV industry, with expensive content and network deals, has been slower to change than we expected,” the videogame giant said in a statement. The company will officially surrender on Jan. 30 of next year. 

With the hype of HBO Max and Disney+ in the mix, there’s just no way the service could survive. It offered multiple packages for live TV, but it failed to bring the exclusive content that everyone is craving right now. Who has time for TLC when there are reboots of Adventure Time and Hocus Pocus on the way?!

The statement thanked fans who’ve been using the service since 2015, and the company said it’s still devoted to delivering superior entertainment. They’re going back to focusing on gaming and the more than 100 million fans who have a PlayStation 4

Who will be next to go in this never-ending battle?

Photo: Sony