Sun-Man with other heroes of Eternia | Source: Mattel

Today, as part of a panel at the Power-Con convention in Anaheim, California, Masters of the Universe (MOTU) fans got to meet a hero who is new to Eternia, but not new to saving the universe: Sun-Man.

Sun-Man was the first mass-market Black superhero toy, created by Yla Eason in 1985. Eason saw that Black children — including her son — were being underserved in the toy aisle, and created Rulers of the Sun, a new line of toys with Sun-Man at its helm.

Now, The Rulers of the Sun and The Masters of the Universe are officially joining forces, giving He-Man a new partner in the battle against evil and bringing much-needed diversity to the Masters of the Universe brand.

Sun-Man figure in and out of packaging | Source: Mattel/the Pop Insider

As part of this announcement, Mattel is relaunching Sun-Man as an action figure for the first time in decades. Starting on Monday, Sept. 13, fans can preorder a highly articulated Sun-Man figure from Mattel Creations. The figure will include swappable heads and hands, removable wings, a shield, and a sword with a flame effect.

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Designed for kids and collectors alike, the figure will cost $35 and comes in packaging that features a comic detailing Sun-Man’s origin story.

To learn more about Eason and the creation of Sun-Man, check out this profile from the toy’s original debut. You can also follow Eason on Twitter, and keep watching the official Masters of the Universe accounts for more updates about Sun-Man’s journey in Eternia.