Super Mario Bros. Collectible Power-Ups Magnet Clip Set | Source: Toynk

Happy MAR10 Day, folks!

Toynk is helping us celebrate our favorite pixelated Italian plumber today with a new, curated Super Mario Bros. collection. From collectibles and plush to home goods and decor, this digital storefront has everything fans need to commemorate the Super Mario franchise. Let’s-a dive right in to some of the highlights!

The Super Mario Bros. NES Cartridge Flask ($23.80) is for fans craving the old-school Super Mario Bros. nostalgia… and a drink on the go. It’s crafted to look like the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game cartridge, with an opening at the top and a funnel for pouring in about 5 ounces of your beverage of choice. The Cartridge Flask is complete with a rubber plug to prevent spillage, so fans can discreetly sip as they indulge in retro Super Mario gaming.

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If your Mario pantry needs a level-up, try the Super Mario Bros. Collectible Power-Ups Magnet Clip Set ($15.99). Delivered straight from the Mushroom Kingdom, these adorable clips are perfect for keeping snacks and produce fresh with flair. The clips are shaped like a Super Red Mushroom, a Super Star, and a Fire Flower.

Super Mario Bros. 3D 4-Piece Coaster Set | Source: Toynk

You may not be able to save Princess Peach IRL, but you can save your surfaces with the Super Mario Bros. 3D 4-Piece Coaster Set ($12.99). The coasters — which are large enough to fit any coffee mugs, glasses, or cups — feature holographic images of iconic Super Mario Bros. characters, such as Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Wario, Waluigi, and Mario himself.

Fans should know that staying hydrated is a superpower — so bring it to the next level with the transparent Super Mario Bros. 6-Inch Plastic Water Bottle ($17.99). The bottle features the main mustachioed man in his star-power form and comes with five re-freezable Super Star ice cubes.

Princess Peach Licensed Nintendo Air Freshener | Source: Toynk

Finally, to wrap up on a fruity note, the collection also includes a selection of Licensed Nintendo Air Fresheners ($7.99 each). The fresheners feature beloved characters from the Super Mario Bros. series and super scents, including strawberry, blueberry, and (of course) peach. Slap a scented Super Mario character to your rearview mirror and swing through town like you’re in a Mario Kart race!

Race over to to browse these items and the entire MAR10 collection in all of its super glory. Wahoo!