Race to beat Bowser on Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge | Source: NBCUniversal

In case you weren’t already excited enough about Super Nintendo World opening in Universal Studios Hollywood next year, the team behind the first Nintendo-inspired theme park in the U.S. has revealed details about the its signature ride, Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge.

Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge puts guests behind the wheel, racing to earn coins and win the golden cup alongside iconic video game characters including Luigi, Princess Peach, and Mario himself (Wahoo!)

Upon arrival to the theme park, guests will find this ride located within Bowser’s Castle, accessible through the iconic Warp Pipe at the entrance of Super Nintendo World. The ride’s carts will contain four seats each and are designed to look like the Mario Karts from the game. Riders will then put on augmented reality (AR) goggles to transport themselves into the Mushroom Kingdom. The interactive ride will use a combination of real motion and AR, as players race through familiar underwater and sky-high courses to beat Team Bowser. 

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After (hopefully) beating Bowser, guests will be able to continue their Super Nintendo World experience by shopping at themed stores full of Super Mario apparel and enjoying game-inspired dining options.

Watch the trailer below for a sneak peek into the toad-ally awesome ride, which will open along with Super Nintendo World. For all of the latest updates about this new Nintendo park, visit the Universal Studios website.