Super7 and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ultimates! Figures | Source: Super7/the Pop Insider

Morphin’ mode activated!

After teasing the release earlier this year, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Super7 dropped the first wave of their Ultimates! Power Rangers figures collection.

This first wave features five Mighty Morphin Power Rangers characters, including Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Goldar, Putty Patroller, and — for the first time at this scale — Tyrannosaurus Dinozord!

Super7 and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ultimates! Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and Goldar | Source: Super7/the Pop Insider

These made-to-order, highly articulated 7-inch figures feature a variety of interchangeable parts and signature accessories that will unlock some deep-seated childhood memories and take you back to Angel Grove. Except for Tyrannosaurus Dinozord, each figure comes with multiple heads and hands that let collectors switch up the Rangers and their enemies for different fighting modes. The mighty dino himself may only have one head, but he features swappable robotic claws and includes mini Red Ranger figurines that “pilot” his every move.

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The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ultimates! are available to preorder now for $55 at, BigBadToyStore, and Entertainment Earth. The collection will only be available during preorder, so make sure to place your order ASAP and stay tuned for more information about the next wave!