The Enterprise crew is ready for any challenges, including a game of poker. | Source: Super7

Ultimates! Action Figures from Super7 are off to the final frontier with new Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) characters. 

Super7 has something for every pop culture fan, and Trekkies (or Trekkers, if you’re even more serious about it) are no exception. Following two waves of ReAction figures inspired by the classic show, the merch maker is bringing TNG to its Ultimates! line, which is known for high detail and interchangeable parts. 

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Specifically, this wave of figures will include Lieutenant Data, Guinan, Commander Riker, and Locutus of Borg. 

Data, the Soong-type android with a desire to become more human, is becoming an action figure instead! Lieutenant Data comes with interchangeable heads and hands so you can have him ready for anything happening in the Enterprise. He can play poker with crewmates or practice some violin. And of course, he also has his cherished cat companion, Spot.

Guinan, played by Whoopie Goldberg in the series, is space’s best bartender. She is here in this wave in case any sage advice is needed. Guinan comes with a number of drinks to serve the crew, as well as her rifle in case things go sour. 

Nomi, a Super7 product designer, walks fans through the new figures. | Source: Super7

Number two in command, Commander Riker, is ready for action with different expression options, including his well-known smirk. He has a phaser accessory so he’s prepared for any danger, but also his trombone for any musical needs on the ship (have him duet with Data’s violin!). 

And of course, we need some antagonist representation in this set. Locutus, Captain Picard’s Borg designation, can join your collection of action figures. Resistance is futile when it comes to getting this incredibly detailed version of one of the most iconic Star Trek villains!

These 7-inch figures each feature 19 points of articulation and come in Star Trek-branded window packaging. The figures are available to preorder individually or as a wave on Super7’s website. Preorders will stay open only until Dec. 2, and the figures are expected to ship by the end of next year.