This year has been chock full of superhero show cancelations (looking at you, Defenders), but that doesn’t make DC’s cancelation of Swamp Thing any less surprising.

The show quite literally just started airing on the DC Universe streaming platform — the first episode dropped only a week ago. However, according to Deadline, the show won’t continue past its first 10-episode season. Reportedly, WarnerMedia executives (following the AT&T Time Warner acquisition) aren’t big on the show, which follows CDC researcher Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed) as she returns to her Louisiana hometown to investigate a swamp-born virus and the mysterious properties of the swamp itself.

However, fans will still get to see all of the season-one episodes as planned. They will continue to premiere each Friday through Aug. 2.

Not everything is bad news for DC Universe originals, though. Titans was already renewed for a second season, and Doom Patrol made it through its entire first season without getting the ax.

Photo: DC