Source: Ultra Pro/The Pop Insider

Take a break from playing Pokémon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor to collect some Pokémon off-screen. Ultra Pro unveiled two new portfolios to keep your Pokédex in tip-top shape.

Fans with a large collection of Pokémon cards can pick up the 9-pocket portfolio before heading into Galar (or your local Play! Pokémon event). It holds 126 collectible cards within 14 archival-safe polypropylene pages. For those who want to double load their cards, it will hold 252. Yes, it keeps your trading cards safe but it also keeps them gorgeous. Just look at that Zamazenta.

Those with a smaller collection (we don’t judge, but get on that) can say “I choose you” to the 4-pocket version. It holds 40 trading cards single-loaded or 80 double-loaded within 10 pages. This one flips the images from the 9-pocket version and features Zacian on the front instead of the back.

The portfolios fit standard-size trading cards and can be added to your collection next month. The 9-pocket portfolio will retail for $11.99 and the smaller version will only set you back about $7.99.