Alexey Pajitnov’s “relentless building block video puzzle” has come a long way since its introduction in June 1984. No longer just a game, Tetris is a lifestyle brand that’s fueled by the idea that “we all fit together.” For its 35th anniversary, the Tetris Brand will introduce new games, apparel, toys, lifestyle goods, and more in the months ahead — all powered by new licensing partnerships. In the U.S., Brand Fresh Management is the latest to get into the game.

“The Tetris brand has reached an amazing 35 years as one of the most renowned video game brands of all time, and today is as popular, if not more so, than ever before among fans worldwide. We’ve been hard at work to make this an incredible celebratory year, and I’m excited over the many new Tetris-branded merchandise products and experiences that we’ll be revealing throughout the months ahead,” says Maya Rogers, president and CEO of Blue Planet Software, sole agent for the Tetris brand.

Recent consumer products announced for the U.S. include a collaboration with Puma set for release this fall, and a Tiny Arcade version of the game that Super Impulse will release in March. Last summer, Basic Fun! Toys released an Arcade Classics version of Tetris at our own Sweet Suite event in New York City, put on by our sister site, The Toy Insider.

Photos: Tetris Holding/Basic Fun!