The 1990’s were a glorious and wonderful time. Still, in our current age of being connected at all times, it’s a wonder that things were so primitive in an era not so long ago. Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel takes place in that decade, bringing the Marvel Cinematic Universe into an era that’s never-before been explored on screen. Sometimes, to take things into the future, you have to look into the past, and that’s just what Marvel has done with the official website for Captain Marvel. One look will take you back to the days of hunting for free AOL minutes delivered on CD-ROM. It was a time in which a young me thought my 10GB Gateway computer was “a beast,” and that the sound of a dial-up modem was music to my ears. Visit the website here. I’d tell you to sign the guestbook, but it’s full. I do recommend playing the “Can You Spot the Skrull?” game, though. I scored a five.

In other Captain Marvel news, a new TV spot has emerged, and they’re really embracing Elastica’s “Connection” at this point, even using it for the title of the spot. Did they just reveal that Nick Fury was once a Lazer Tag enthusiast?

Captain Marvel is in theaters everywhere, March 8.