Source: Toynk

The kid’s coming with me, you, and everybody.

New from Beeline Creative, the Child Geeki Tiki can hold 16 ounces of liquid and will pull on all of your heartstrings. The cuteness of Baby Yoda is carved into ceramic, which is durable enough to go with you on intergalactic space missions, but might look better on your bar cart.

With the Child’s big eyes staring at you from the cup, it will be hard to say no to another drink, but you don’t have to drink alone. Baby Yoda has his bone broth in-hand to keep you company. You can join the lil guy with a hot cup of broth of your own, or try something less gross like one of these Star Wars-inspired cocktails.

The Child Geeki Tiki is $25.99. Fans can find it and more out-of-this-world Geeki Teekis on