Source: MeUndies

MeUndies first ventured to a galaxy far, far away late last year as part of Mando Mondays, launching a pattern that featured a cartoon version of Grogu (The Child) recreating various moments from the first season of The Mandalorian.

Now, the fan-favorite space toddler is back for another round at the loungewear company, with a new print that features original artwork inspired by the show. The pattern on this fabric includes Grogu himself — dreaming of frogs, eating, playing with the control knob from The Razor Crest, and chasing a butterfly — alongside the Mandalorian’s helmet and banthas.

Items made from “The Child Returns” fabric | Source: MeUndies

This fabric launched today, exclusively at Fans can buy a variety of comfy clothing and accessories in this new design, which is appropriately named “The Child Returns.” The offerings include everything from joggers and rompers to underwear and bralettes. There are even some options for your furry friends, such as a dog bandana and a dog sweatshirt.

Grogu isn’t the only popular character to appear in a MeUndies fabric, either — The company has previously released collaborations with Marvel, Rick and Morty, and Harry Potter.

As with all MeUndies pieces, not only is the fabric super-soft, but it is also super-limited. Once an item sells out in this The Child fabric, it’s gone forever, so be sure to get your units ready and shop soon!