‘The Lion King’ is roaring into Figpin. | Source: Figpin

Long live the Figpins!

After offering collectible enamel pin styles from a variety of Disney fandoms (including Star Wars, Lilo & Stitch, and Marvel), Figpin is journeying to the Pride Lands. The company’s newest collection of displayable pins is inspired by Disney’s The Lion King (1994).

Collectors can add Mufasa (No. 851), Scar (No. 852), Pumbaa (No. 853), Timon (No. 854), Simba (No. 855), Nala (No. 856), and Zazu (No. 857) to their Figpin pride. Each pin style is a Figpin common, which means they will be available from both the Figpin website and at specialty and major retailers. Like all Figpins, each character comes with a background card and a unique serial number that collections can use to unlock their pin in the Figpin app. 

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While the collection features only Figpin commons, this is also the collection’s first run. Each first-edition Figpin style is limited to only 1,500 pieces, so fans will need to shop fast.

These Lion King Figpins will be available for purchase beginning on June 17 at 10 a.m. PT. and are expected to ship next month. Fans can shop other Figpin releases now, including characters from My Hero Academia, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Mandalorian, and Dragon Ball Z.