Source: Thames & Kosmos/the Pop Insider

Do you have what it takes to carry out Gandalf’s secret assignments, buying time for Frodo and the Fellowship as they head to Mordor to destroy the One Ring? Don’t worry — You won’t have to leave your couch.

Fans can help save Middle-earth in EXIT: The Lord of the Rings — Shadows Over Middle-earth, a newly announced title in Thames & Kosmos‘ series of puzzle-based at-home escape room games. As with all EXIT: The Game titles, Shadows Over Middle-earth will require players to solve riddles and clues as quickly as possible to beat the game.

The contents of Shadows Over Middle-earth | Source: Thames & Kosmos

Based on images of the game’s contents, it seems to be packed with details from the Lord of the Rings. The special items include a map of Middle-earth and the Eye of Sauron, the Help cards (appropriately) have images of Gandolf, and the decoder wheel features some of Tolkien’s Cirth runes.

There is already an expansive library of more than 20 EXIT titles, but this is the first to feature a licensed media brand like Lord of the Rings. We’re hoping it is the first of many!

Click the link below to see the product page for Shadows Over Middle-earth. The game will be available to purchase this summer for $19.95. It is designed for 1-4 players and offers about 1-2 hours of gameplay.