Alien Easter Egg Pod Xenomorph 3-Inch Collectible Figures | Source: The Loyal Subjects/the Pop Insider

What’s this? A colorful egg filled with a sweet, sugary surprise? Not quite! The latest offering from The Loyal Subjects (TLS) is a disguised surprise, because an Easter Bunny didn’t leave this carton of collectible eggs — a Xenomorph did!

The Alien Easter Egg Pod Xenomorph 3-Inch Collectible Figures 4-Pack includes four colorful, plastic eggs. Look closely at the eggs and you’ll notice some tell-tale signs that they aren’t typical Easter treats.

Alien Figures | Source: The Loyal Subjects

Instead, each egg houses surprise collectible figures inspired by the popular Alien sci-fi movie franchise. Unwrap the patterned plastic wrappers and open up each reusable egg to discover two colorful Xenomorph figures and one additional creature — either a Chestburster or a Facehugger — inside. That means you get a total of eight Xenomorphs and four creatures in each pack, all sculpted in action poses! There are also rare, super-rare, and rarest variants to discover, including glow-in-the-dark and metallic styles.

These Alien eggs are available now, exclusively from Walmart. Check out the unboxing video below to see TLS Founder Jonathan Cathey give a closer look at these collectibles!