Source: Taschen

Spider-Man has come a long way since he first debuted on the pages of Marvel Comics back in 1962. As fans prepare for the web-slinging hero’s latest foray onto the big screen in this month’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, Marvel is taking Spidey fans back to the beginning with a new, hardcover anthology.

Today, Marvel Comics and Taschen announced a long-term partnership for “The Marvel Comics Library,” a series of hardcover volumes that will reproduce some of the rarest classic Marvel comics. The first title in this series is Spider-Man. Vol. 1. 1962–1964, which features the first 21 Spider-Man stories.

The book will feature the comics in Taschen’s extra-large format, close in size to the original art. Instead of recoloring the original production artwork, as previous reprints have done, these recreations are based on high-resolution photographs of the original comic books, which have been retouched to improve ink density and other printing impurities.

Some of the pages inside Spider-Man. Vol. 1. 1962–1964 | Source: Taschen

In addition to the comics, this volume features an essay by Marvel editor Ralph Macchio; an introduction by collector David Mandel; and a variety of supplemental material, including original artboards and rare photographs.

Spider-Man. Vol. 1. 1962–1964 is available to purchase now for $200. The “Famous First Edition” first printing will feature 5,000 numbered copies. There is also a Collector’s Edition of the book available, which costs $600. This version is limited to 1,000 numbered copies and features an aluminum print cover, a leatherette-bound spine, foil embossing, and a slipcase.

Spidey is the first of many iconic Marvel heroes who will get the Marvel Comics Library treatment. The next releases in this series will be Avengers. Vol. 1. 1963–1965, Fantastic Four. Vol. 1. 1961–1963, and Captain America, all scheduled for release by 2023.