Have a *killer* game night with this new version of Clue | Source: The Op

While the recent Dexter: New Blood miniseries put a shocking (and irreversible end) to the titular “justified” killer’s journey, his looming presence can live on during your next game night, thanks to The Op’s newest edition of the board game Clue.

In Clue: Dexter, players will take on the role of fan-favorite heroes from the Miami Metro Police Department, including Detective Debra Morgan, Sergeant Doakes, Lead Specialist Masuka, Detective Quinn, Captain Maria Laguerta, and Detective Angel Bautista, to hunt for a homicidal monster terrorizing the Magic City.

Players navigate the board game using custom tokens that represent six charismatic murderers from Dexter: The Brain Surgeon, The Poisoner, The Doomsday Killer, The Trinity Killer, The Ice Truck Killer, and The Bay Harbor Butcher. That board is made up of nine famous crime scenes from the show, including the construction site, the comic book store, the police station, and more.

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Using the custom notepad, players use clues to which serial killer is on the loose, who will apprehend them, and where in Miami they’ll be caught. The first player to provide an accurate debriefing (in other words, correctly identify all three factors) will win the game. Just make sure to do so before all eight Bay Harbor Butcher cards are drawn, at which point Dexter Morgan will reach the killer first and enact his own brand of gruesome vigilante justice.

Fans of thrillers and modern murder mystery dramas can snatch this game from The Op’s official website for $39.99