Spot It!

Source: The Op/The Pop Insider

Some of your favorite characters just might be inviting themselves over for game night this fall.

The Op has signed a licensing agreement with Asmodee to launch a new version of Spot It! with a pop culture twist.

The game, which was also known as Dobble, first debuted in 2010 with an illustrated deck of 55 circular cards, each featuring eight different symbols (hmmm … who will be making an appearance in those symbols?). Any two cards in the deck always have one symbol in common. The goal is to be the first player to spot a match and grab that card, prompting the next card in the deck to be revealed and claimed, like a chain reaction. Once the deck is gone, the player with the most collected cards wins.


“This collaboration between Asmodee and The Op will add even more eye-catching and unmistakable visuals to the mix, making Spot It! not only a challenge of perception and dexterity, but personally enjoyable for fans to associate their favorite characters with victory,” The Op’s Vice President of Sales Heather Campbell said in a press release.

Several different versions of Spot It! will hit stores this fall for $14.99 each. Gamers can keep an eye on The Op’s social channels to find out which pop culture brands will be featured in the game.