Source: The Op / The Pop Insider

If you are facing the real-life horror that is boredom, The Op has you covered with its slate of new, summer jigsaw puzzles!

There are four new, 1000-piece puzzles to choose from on the company’s online shop. Three are perfect for any horror fan! They are a “Return to Derry” puzzle inspired by It: Chapter 2, a Beetlejuice “Graveyard Wedding” puzzle, and a Friday the 13th puzzle.

Source: The Op

Then, as a bit of a curveball (but, honestly, more of a traditional summer vibe), there is an Animal Crossing: New Horizons puzzle that features a lovely landscape image inspired by the video game, including the characters Beau, Vesta, Pekoe, and Daisy Mae.

All four puzzles cost $14.99 each and are available to purchase now for all of your summer boredom busting needs!