The goal of this new Jenga game is to bring your house marker to the top. | Source: The Op | Usaopoly

Jenga blocks take the form of the Hogwarts grand staircase in this new Harry Potter-themed set from The Op | Usaopoly — and navigating it is as challenging as the books and movies describe!

The goal of the game is simple: Ascend to the top of the staircase to make your way to class at Hogwarts. Easy enough, right? Just remember that the balance of the Jenga tower is as ever-changing as the grand staircase and can switch up in a second.


While this isn’t the Triwizard Tournament, players’ skills will be put to the test. In the 1-4 player game, each person can fulfill their Harry Potter dream by choosing to represent their respective Hogwarts House. Whether you’re a brave Gryffindor, a bright Ravenclaw, an ambitious Slytherin, or a hard-working Hufflepuff, each player will roll a die to determine how many Jenga blocks to remove from the wobbly tower. Based on this number, players can move their house marker up a certain number of spaces to get closer to the top. If the tower comes crashing down, it means you have fallen prey to the confusing grand staircase and you will need to rebuild. The first student to reach the top will bring honor and glory to their Hogwarts house (and hopefully a generous number of points).

This magical Jenga set ($29.99) includes 54 Harry Potter-themed wooden blocks, a classroom door, and a loading tray. The game is available now to order on and on the shelves of local game stores.